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Hawaii Business Magazine- April, 2016 It doesn’t look like a homeless shelter – and that’s the point. Cheery paint and graphic shapes tie together the 22 bed areas, creating a hip, treehouse feel. Bathrooms are private and gender neutral, a recognition of the fact...

Feeding Boston’s homeless, one sandwich at a time

Boston Globe-- April 15, 2016 A volunteer at a One Sandwich at a Time event in New York.  Erin DinanAs a photographer working in New York City, Erin Dinan often found herself drawn to the city’s homeless community. She’d photograph those living on the street as a way...

Y2Y Harvard Square

Studio G Architects- March, 2016 Cambridge, MA Y2Y Harvard Square is a gathering place that provides community, shelter, meals, health care and services 24 hours a day to young adults who are homeless and in need of supportive services.  Run by Y2Y, a program of...

Harvard Opens A Student-Run Youth Homeless Shelter

Huffington Post- March 31, 2016 It’s hard to be homeless at any age, but particularly after age 18: at that age, homeless youth become too old to be in the foster system, but are often too young to feel safe in adult shelters. But now, there’s a new place for them to...

30 Nights: Y2Y Homeless Shelter

The Harvard Crimson- March 24, 2016 “Dude, I walked in here and I was like ‘Holy shit, this place looks amazing,’” Kim, a 22-year-old, tells us over our fourth consecutive game of BananaGrams. She’s remembering her first night at Y2Y, Harvard Square’s only youth...


Boston Architectural College- March 23, 2016 Megan Lorenz working in the shop. Photo courtesy of Megan. After graduating from The Boston Architectural College, Megan Lorenz, M.Arch '14, decided to embrace the hands-on side of the architecture field and pursue a career...

In Cambridge, a haven for the young homeless

Boston Globe-- March 17, 2016 CAMBRIDGE — The guests began arriving after dark, shouldering frayed backpacks, lugging skateboards or guitars. Some arrived quietly, slipping through the side door of the First Parish church in Harvard Square. Others lingered in the...


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